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Sinclair Automotive has been a successful car dealership in Sydney’s West for over 45 years. They have inclusive hiring policies and have taken on a number of employees with disability which has been very successful for the business.

Fixed operations manager, Andrew Morgans, oversees Adam Berell, a third year apprentice mechanic working with Sinclair Automotive. Adam has been with Sinclair Automotive for three years and shown a commitment to completing his apprenticeship with Sinclair Automotive. He is commended by his manager for working hard and being focused on his job. Andrew knows that when Adam is given a task that “the end result is that the job is done right, every time, everyday”.

Adam has Asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism, and is enjoying his mechanic apprenticeship.  Working at the dealership has been “very calm and very welcoming” says Adam “and my learning skills have [become] really good since working here”. Adam confidently performs routine car maintenance and services

By creating an inclusive and welcoming environment in the workshop, staff are happier and stay longer. This results in less induction and training costs for the business.

“You don’t have people floating in floating out” says Andrew “so for the business as a whole it’s excellent”.

Claire Tolhurst is the administrator at Sinclair Automotive and has dyspraxia a disorder of movement and coordination. For Claire this means that she has trouble following sequences. As part of Claire’s job she looks after customers and ensures that the Sinclair Automotive offices are kept organised. To help her fulfil her role Claire takes a lot more notes than most other people. With all of her note taking she is able to keep things meticulously organised at Sinclair Automotive and does a stand out job. Through her job she says she has gained a great purpose and an identity. Claire manages her dyspraxia so that it does not get in the way of her doing job, and highlights that there are misconceptions about employing people with disability and that “you don’t know what people have to offer you until you give them a go”.

Andrew is delighted with the work that both Claire and Andrew do, and the positive influence they have on the rest of the team. Andrew is a firm believer that a business has to “find the right person for the job and disability becomes an ability” encourages other businesses to get involved with disability employment.

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  • "We don't see disability, we see capability."

    Luke Sayers, CEO, PwC
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019