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Gameco Artisan Supplies is a family business, growing to become one of Australia’s leading suppliers of gas equipment, with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand, employing over 45 specialist staff.

“It’s been very easy for us to integrate Maxine into the team. The employment services come out, they work with her regularly. It was such a simple process as compared to what we would normally go through to hire a person” said CEO of Gameco, Corin Urquart.

Finding somebody that is focused and maintain the level of quality doing repetitive tasks is not easy to do. Gameco felt that working closely with employment services was a simple and highly effective process, which has led them to find Maxine who is a loyal, trustworthy, dedicated employing, utilising her abilities.

“I like the challenge that they give and throw at me, ‘cause it’s something new and I can be challenged by what they’re doing and how I’ve got to put it together” said Maxine Drew, Warehouse Labourer at Gameco Artisan Supplies.
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019