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As part of Commonwealth Bank’s commitment to creating a more accessible and inclusive workplace, they have grown a disability champion’s network of over 340 employees across Australia. The network’s focus is on raising disability awareness and encouraging all employees to better understand inclusion and accessibility. They have also continued to focus on providing accessible banking and financial services to their customers with disability. This has included ensuring all CommBank ATMs are audio enabled and that accessible ATMs can be located easily through the CommBank website.

While they are proud of what they have achieved so far, CBA recognises there is more to do to remove barriers and ensure everyone has the same level of access to their products, services and employment opportunities.

Commonwealth Bank’s plan through to 2020 will elevate their focus on accessibility and inclusion for their customers, their people and their community. They will work closely with all groups to strengthen their inclusive culture and to ensure they seek ‘user experience’ in their projects and activities. Their goal is to continue to improve access to their products and services through a range of initiatives outlined in this plan and by involving and consulting with disability specialists. Making financial services accessible for all by using universal design practices for new premises, building a Group-wide accessibility framework and improving the accessibility of technology are just some of the areas they will continue to focus on over the coming years.

They look forward to continuing the current momentum to make the Commonwealth Bank Group the most accessible and inclusive organisation for people with disability.
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  • "We don't see disability, we see capability."

    Luke Sayers, CEO, PwC
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019