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In 1994, Catalina opened it’s doors with a simple goal in mind: to be Sydney’s favourite place to eat by the water.

Not only did the restaurant achieve it’s goal, it also became one of the most prestigious restaurants in the Sydney, frequented by eastern suburbs locals, celebrities and high profile guests from all over the world. With family values and traditions as it’s heart, the restaurant is guaranteed to continue for many years to come, ensuring all of their diners are thrilled with their menus, service and atmosphere.

A large part of the success Catalina has had over the years is thanks to the team who work hard and are dedicated to their roles at the restaurant, ensuring every diner feels valued and enjoys their dining experience. With a diverse and inclusive approach to staffing, Catalina employs people with disabilities, utilising the many strengths they bring to the workplace.

Jack Studholme is the Pastry Assistant at Catalina. He is extremely precise and detailed, which is everything any workplace could ask for. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist and there’s nothing wrong with that, even though it takes time – time and patience -

And I guess I do have a keen eye on the precise measurements, especially when it comes to bread” said Jack.

“As long as you can have the empathy for his disability, then you can want to show him the right way to do things, and he runs with it”, said owner of Catalina Restaurant, Michael McMahon.

Catalina Restaurant has seen the possibilities – will your workplace see them too?
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  • "We don't see disability, we see capability."

    Luke Sayers, CEO, PwC
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019