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It is good business sense to create a diverse workforce. The benefits of employing people with disability are tangible and there are potential costs of ignoring such a large proportion of the NSW workforce.

Unique individuals, backgrounds and opinions not only enhance workplace diversity, but also bring new skills, create fresh perspectives and generate innovative ideas. This increases the talent in your business, with all the associated benefits it brings, including more long-standing employees.

Employment costs benefits

There are many misconceptions about it costing more to employ people with disability.

  • Research has show that employment costs for people with disability are not necessarily higher and may be up to 13% lower than the cost for other employees.
  • People with disability have lower workers compensation costs and have less workplace health and safety issues.
  • People with disability generally have lower rates of sick leave and scheduled leave than other employees.
  • People with disability have longer tenure at any particular job which reduces staff turnover and associated training costs.
  • Employing people with disability does not cost any more. Assistance with the cost of making workplace adjustments is available through the Australian Government funded Employment Assistance Fund.

Workplace culture and customer satisfaction benefits

There are significant benefits to your workplace culture, employee-associated costs and staff retention to consider. Employing people with disability can help you gain loyal and committed employees who will help you achieve your business objectives.

Surveys of businesses show the benefits of hiring people with disability include:

  • increased staff morale (about 65%)
  • additional skills added to workforce (60%)
  • assisted productivity (42%)
  • increased customer loyalty and satisfaction (35%).

Benefits of employing people with disability

People with disability can help you grow your business. No matter what industry or what role you’re recruiting for, a person with disability may be the right person for the job.

Business outcome Workplace benefits
Increased productivity Diverse workplaces are more innovative.
Improved workplace culture Employing people with disability has been shown to improve staff morale and workplace culture.
Diversity in customers Any changes you make for your staff can also be used by your customers. This attracts customers with disability to your business.
Expands your customer base You’re making changes not just for your staff, but for customers too and this will help your business understand the access and communication needs of customers with disability.
Lowers staff turnover costs Typically, employees with disability stay in the job longer, which reduces staff turnover and associated training costs.


Employment and induction costs are not higher for people with disability.

There is no increase in workplace health and safety by employing people with disability.

A person with disability can perform just as well as someone without disability in their job and tasks.

People with disability do not take more sick days than people without disability.

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  • "We don't see disability, we see capability."

    Luke Sayers, CEO, PwC
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019